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White sugar , which may be labeled "granulated" (ie reduced to regular crystals) is a product consisting of pure sucrose (minimum 99.6%, traces of sulfur dioxide up to 10 mg / kg are allowed). It is obtained from a variety of beet that can be of Italian production or imported from other European countries.

Sugar prices range from 1 to 2 e / kg but the production process is the same and the differences mainly depend on the brand. Thinly sliced, the chard is subjected to a continuous counter-current flow of hot water to extract the in the form of "raw sauce". This is then purified and filtered, until it turns into a clear ("light") sauce.

The liquid is thickened and crystallized and thus raw sugar is obtained, which is still quite dark in color. To make it white, it goes to the refinery, where it is dissolved, concentrated and centrifuged until it becomes white. Sugar has no shelf life because it does not contain vitamins or other nutrients that could degrade over time. However, it fears humidity and should be stored in closed containers and in a dry place.

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