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Round courgette

Less common than elongated ones, round zucchini seem to be made for stuffing. Among the traditional Italian varieties , the “round of Nizza” courgette, light in color and slightly flattened at the poles, is the best known and most widespread. Then there are the “round courgette from Piacenza” - almost perfectly spherical and deep green - and the “round courgette from Florence”, with a very tender , smooth and sage green skin , characterized by a very delicate flavor.

On the market there are also hybrid varieties, national or produced in other European countries (Spain and Holland). In Italy, round courgettes are grown in greenhouses until April and, from May to October, in the open field (especially in Lazio, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Campania). This is why, even if they are found all year round, round courgettes are tastier in this period.

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