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Avocado: the latest trends

This exotic fruit is great for health and even the psyche. Besides, it's photogenic and versatile. Could this be why avocado bars are rampant?

Green fever: this is the name of the avocado-mania that is spreading around the world. And besides, the avocado is photogenic, good and even very healthy. So enough to justify a spike in popularity. It fights cholesterol and is rich in antioxidants , prevents Alzheimer's disease, stems depression and has anti-inflammatory powers. In short, the avocado is a real cure-all and is cited almost among all the recommended products, almost like the old daily apple. In addition, it is good, versatile, pulpy, exotic. So much so that they are all crazy for him and just take a look at the Instagram trends that you can see him in various variations, including the appearance of a cup to pour coffee. The avocado-oriented premises are teeming with this exotic fruit originally from Mexico and belonging to the Lauraceae family.

The properties specifically
It is one of the few fruits that boasts an abundance of proteins and fats , but is forgiven for this in the face of many other properties. First of all it is rich in linoleic fatty acid and Omega 3 fatty acids, or so-called "good fats", which are able to inhibit the production of cholesterol. It also abounds in vitamins, in particular A, C, D, E, K and those of group B. It has many energetic properties and provides approximately 160 calories for every 100 grams of pulp. It contains many mineral salts , in particular potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese and calcium and is very rich in fiber. Then there are those who say that avocado has aphrodisiac properties , so much so that it is called the fruit of fertility and love. Finally, this fruit of Mexican origin boasts cosmetic properties , so much so that it is used in products for the skin and hair in the form of packs.

Gastronomic trend
For some years it has also been cultivated in southern Italy, where it has replaced citrus fruits along with other exotic fruits. Lately he has established himself as a real star on the premises. Among the recent trends in healthy food, for example, the Avocado Bar in Rome , which precedes the next opening of avocado-bars in cities such as Bologna, Milan, Naples. And after all, a couple of months ago three Italian guys opened L'Avocaderia ( click here ), in Brooklyn, offering the tropical fruit in all possible ways ( click here ). The avocados in question come from an organic farm in Michoacàn, and are served in the form of dishes or drinks: sandwiches, salads, juices or popular dishes such as tuna and avocado ceviche. In recent years they have opened avocado bars in many Western capitals, such as Amsterdam, New York and London. And there are also those who have responded to this green fashion by banning the tropical fruit from every menu: in the face of so many places that are opening in his honor there is in fact a London restaurant, Firedog ( click here ), which has become the first place avocado-free, promising those who are tired of this obsession that among the dishes served they will never find the omnipresent fruit.

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