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Broad beans: because they are good

Broad beans: because they are good

Low in calories, high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. Broad beans are a valid substitute for meat and have many properties useful for our health. Here's why to choose them.

It is the broad bean, a plant of the Fabaceae family, whose seeds, contained in their elongated pod, have always been used for food .

Together with Raffaella Melani, nutritionist biologist, we explore the interesting properties and contraindications for our health.

They help build muscles

158851 As Dr. Melani tells us, "Unlike cereals, broad beans contain a good dose of protein and a high level of lysine and arginine, two amino acids that are very important for muscle growth and that help us to maintain physical shape and tone, decreasing at the same time the levels of bad cholesterol. "

These two substances also seem to induce a sense of satiety; this is why they can be indicated in slimming diets and in cases of reduced calorie intake.

They promote the good functioning of the intestine

140911Beans are also beneficial for the intestine.

Raffaella Melani specifies, “In fact, they have a good quantity of fibers, that is, those components present mainly in vegetables and legumes that fight constipation, helping intestinal regularity. When the intestine is in shape, our body can properly assimilate all the nutrients - such as calcium - which are necessary for the health of our bones and teeth ".

They support the immune system

157209Beans also contain vitamins, minerals, and other substances essential for our health.

First of all, vitamin C is essential for dealing with viruses and bacteria and B6, which supports the nervous system, promoting a good mood. They are also a folate source (such as cauliflower) essential for the healthy growth of maternal tissues in pregnancy.

They also possess good amounts of minerals and flavonoids.

Functional to the well-being of the nervous system

108695 Finally, they are good for the nervous system.

As Dr. Melani explains, "In the fresh product, there is a good quantity of an amino acid (L-dopa) precursor of dopamine, a substance produced by the brain responsible for muscle control and many others that affect mood, sleep and the system nervous. It has even been observed that the consumption of broad beans can increase the levels of this molecule in the blood, improving the motor performance of patients who have Parkinson's disease, in which this substance is deficient, without any side effects ".

The only contraindication: the presence of favism

The good news is that they are suitable for almost everyone.

The doctor explains, “The only contraindication is the presence of favism, a congenital disability of red blood cells which causes their sudden destruction, with the important consequence of anemia.

Some substances present in beans in fact favor, in some genetically predisposed subjects, an accumulation of free radicals inside the red blood cells and cause their destruction".

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