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Kiwi: benefits and ideas

Kiwi: benefits and ideas

Light, rich in vitamins and very sweet by nature: kiwi is a fruit with a thousand virtues that is increasingly loved and used in the kitchen for sweet and savory recipes.

Kiwi is a fruit with a thousand resources and a very long history, plus it is fresh, tasty and super healthy. We know it as a tropical fruit and its fame is due to the New Zealand growers who in the twentieth century began to grow it on a large scale by selecting some varieties - Hayward is the best known - and making it known all over the world, but the kiwi has Chinese origins well oldest dating back to 600 BC

Since the 1970s, the cultivation of kiwifruit has also spread to Italy and today our country is one of the major producers and exporters in the world; Furthermore, since 2004 the Latina kiwi, cultivated precisely in the municipalities between the provinces of Latina and Rome, has obtained the Igp recognition, one more reason to appreciate this truly portentous fruit!

Wellness a go-go

The light and juicy green flesh of kiwifruit is a veritable concentrate of vitamins: it is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and the precious vitamin C. Did you know that a large kiwi provides 100% of the daily requirement of this vitamin? In fact, it contains more than citrus fruits! And the benefits of vitamin C on the body are numerous: it strengthens the immune system, preserves the nervous system and contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin, two proteins that decrease with age by reducing the natural elasticity of the skin. Therefore, the consumption of kiwifruit, also rich in antioxidants, can help prevent skin aging and in general counteract free radicals and the appearance of the signs of aging. Also very precious are the mineral salts contained in kiwifruit, which help regulate heart rhythm and blood pressure, and the fibers are a panacea for the intestine.

Super light

A lot of well-being in a very light fruit: 100 grams of kiwi (the equivalent of a fruit) contain only 44 calories. That's why kiwi is perfect in low-calorie diets and whenever you are looking for a tasty but low-calorie food.

Sweet by nature

Thanks to the natural sweetness of its flesh, kiwi has always been used in the kitchen in sweet preparations. Fruit salads, fruit salads with ice cream, pies that become beautiful thanks to the beautiful decorations of colored fruit, mousses, sorbets and Bavarians: kiwi really makes you tastier in many recipes and is even finished on a fresh summer fruit wedding cake!

Exotic and creative

Lovers of unusual recipes and sweet / savory combinations in the kitchen have a perfect ally in kiwi! Try it in combination with fresh and creamy cheeses or as an ingredient in rich salads, it gives a touch of color to original fruit skewers with sponge cake cubes. The idea for the summer? A fresh strawberry and kiwi aperitif at Pimm's to amaze your guests with an intense green cocktail!

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