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Mixed fried fish

Prepare at home the Italian most typical and tasty fry: squids, shrimps, anchovies, and red mullet, wrapped in a crispy beer frying.

Mixed fried fish
11 oz squids
11 oz shrimp tails
11 oz anchovies
11 oz red mullet
7 oz flour
2 eggs
1 lemon
1 cup beer
peanut oil
basil ( to taste )
salt ( to taste )
pepper ( to taste )

Prepare the fish

Shell the shrimps; with a knife, carve the back of the shrimps and remove the intestine with a toothpick. Wash and dry them. Remove the squids' fins, detach the tentacles from the body, and remove the eyes and the beak, using scissors. Clean out the squids' sacs, reversing them like a glove; remove the dark film that covers them, and wash the sacs. Cut the sacs into rings. Clean the anchovies and the red mullets.

Make the batter

Shell the eggs and separate the yolks from the white. In a bowl, put the flour and a pinch of salt. Mix with the whisk, and pour the beer. Add the yolks, mix, cover the bowl with plastic film, and let the mix rest for 30 minutes. Whip the egg whites, add a pinch of salt, and mix them with the batter.


Warm the oven up to 390°F; line with a baking tray and absorbent paper a big heat-resistant tray. In a frying pan, warm the peanut oil. One at a time, dip the anchovies and the red mullets in the batter and fry them for 2-3 minutes. Drain them, and put them in the warm oven off. Batter and fry the squids for 2-3 minutes, and the shrimps for 1 minute.


Sprinkle the mixed fried fish with salt, pepper, lemon zest, basil, and serve, with tomatoes cubes to taste.

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